Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I was not feeling to well this weekend. Never seemed to come down with anything but I was definitely fighting off a bug or maybe I just needed the break to regroup and rest.

So what is new on the Spiritual Rights Foundation front. I have no idea. Well I do but I can't really say.

My mind has been on other things these days but whenever I am reading in my psychology books for school I inevitably read a story, a definition or something that fits some sort of pathological quirk of people or events that are an everyday occurrence at the Spiritual Rights Foundation. Then I have to think to myself, these poor people don't even know what they are doing.

Who is left anyways? Well I know who exactly is left and I know them intimately as intimate as you can get being it under Spiritual Rights Foundations rules. But that would not be right at this point to tell their names. What would be the point of that. It is only the leadership that is pointed out by name, they are the real victimizes. The other members are either victims or victimizers in training and no one has a clue of what they are into.

I don't know if I am making sense. This is sort of a stream of consciousness or maybe what Freud would say I am associating.

Now I think of how at the Spiritual Rights Foundation if I talked in psychological terms people would literaly turn away from me, unconscious probably but they would turn away their bodies or find a quick way to leave. Members of the Spiritual Rights Foundation are taught to fear, mistrust and disregard psychology or most people in the helping field much like Scientology. Yet most of the principles they use are twisted principles of psychology.

Mind control is a tricky thing. A person or a cult like organization slowly ensnares your mind, lovingly so until you cannot see what they are really doing to you anymore.

I just saw the new movie that is out called PUSH. It is about psychic people being imprisoned by the US government and experimented on in the hopes of creating a new army. The people called pushers can get inside of a persons mind and make them believe what the pusher wants them to believe even if it involves killing themselves. Rev. Bill would be the pusher in this story of the Spiritual Rights Foundation and he trained many more pushers to lie, steal and cheat but most of all to create a different reality then what is really there. Angela Silva, Robin DuMolin and Debi Livingston-Boushey are now the lead pushers doing there duty of trying to keep the lies up and the people under control. They are even trying to keep Mike and I under control even though we have left the organization. Some people never learn and never give up.


  1. Lewis Bostwick was a big "pusher" himself. He repeatedly pushed himself and his beliefs into peoples minds. One scary thing I now remeber was a story told to me by a now former employee, a Mrs Suzane Clune. I have no idea where she is now, but she was fired from the church by Susan for some odd reason or another.

    Suzane told a story in the Mens and Womens Communication class about an event which took place for upper staff. In that class she was told to partner up with someone and repeatedly say "I love you" over and over again. This technique has its origins in Scientology and is know as "auditing" At one point when they were taking a break, she approached Lewis and told him that she couldn't do it any longer, she was too tired. Lewis evidently told her that if she would not do it she would no longer be part of the church and she would be "out of there!"

    Thats right, for the upper staff, if youd didn't do what Lewis or Susan told you to do, you were gone. They pushed their minds on everyone else and poured the "kool aid" right down their throats. Or rather into their minds. These sick twisted bastards thought that they could get away with anything and without repercussion.

    Lewis may be gone now, but Susan and many others continue with the "pushing" on the staff, parishoners, students and others who come through the doors and take classes.

    Makes me sick to my stomach. Especially now that I realize I was fed delusions and lies.

  2. I recently recieve and email from another graduate who told me something about Bill Duby. Now this graduate is so dismayed at the abuse which went on in the church, especially those surrounding trance. This person was there for a long time, over 15 years and a lot longer than I was. This person told me that even though they never met the Bill, it was common knowledge that Lewis thought Bill was dangerously twisted.

    Just a little food for thought.

    Oh and just a reminder to all the SRFers out there, your illustreous founder was not ever close to Lewis at all. He never took a single class directly from him, he took it all at the Walnut Creek satelite institute. Lewis visited that place very infrequently and never taught there ever!

  3. Pretty good comments by Joy and PsychDoctorate, in this case, the message and the messenger should be eradicated from the minds of all those who fell under the spell of these 2 cesspool of spiritual studies! Pushers of spiritual knowledge hand it out free like the drug pusher, and hook you into a non drug experience with strange concepts and intrigue. Once you let down your guard and accept there love and guidance you begin the apprenticeship of spiritual regurgitation, spewing out rhetoric that is constantly enforced by those around you who are part of this environment. Sooner or later, those still there, will be pushed too far, and will awaken from the false state of awareness and will have to make that split hair decision to leave or go back and enslave themselves so more. I was one of the many who was pushed, pushed, pushed, pushed to the limit! I finally left and was so glad I did. I gained back my independence, my life, my bank account, my love of self, and most of all self respect!
    Bill use to say that Lewis bragged about wanting to go out on (dropping the physical body) with a molestation charge of a 13 year old still on the books! Bill would laugh about that, and say that Lewis was looking to go out filling the "hole" with enlightenment and knowledge so she would be her own woman....Sure Bill, I guess you decided to live in Lewis perverted and twisted past time aura, because you indeed fulfilled the molestation part of the sadistic fantasy. People like Lewis and Bill need to be exposed for who and what they are...spiritual molesters of peoples innocence. Corrupting them for there own guilty pleasures....People like Susan Bostwick, Angela Silva, Robin DuMolin and Debi Livinston Boushey are only the products of these environments. Like the abused children who grow up and abuse themselves, they continue to push others in order to maintain control, power and a prosperous lifestyle by pushing and enslaving others to do there bidding. Using spiritual enlightenment, psychic powers and future prosperity with the carrot dangling in front of them.

  4. In 2000 I volunteered massage for an externship through my school.I massaged during the radio broadcasts and with children running about and as a spatially sound worker I felt solid as well as intrigued. I did think the big guy in charge exuded that sort of big guy in charge air that I naturally dismiss. I was given a complimentary reading which was incredibly accurate. At the end I was told that I had a lot of psychic and telekinetic energy and that most importantly,I didn't take everything as fact, that I discerned essentially. So what I know is that for any of the victims of any misguided "energy", for those who sought relief and found grief, there are similar and never sinister outlets for these same interests. Foolish traps for foolish people who must grow on.

  5. Boy anonymous,
    You are very right with your insights, but the fact is, we were fools over the long term. We were fools rushing in for believing the love we were looking for was here. It was magic, it was fun. Then like a marriage, it began to wear off, and the honeymoon period was over. We then had to give up our independence or compromise our information for the betterment of this relationship. Then the period of getting along and not ruffling any feathers began. We then had brief periods of wondering why the people we so admired started to get controlling and manipulative with us, but we hoped things would get better. That was a long haul, and some of us had kids that we didn't want to uproot so we stuck it out. Our families wondered why we had changed and we couldn't get to any other family functions anymore. Our friends we knew, stopped calling us to get together. Of course we would make excuses for our absences and turn down of invites.
    Its a mindset that you start to absorb, the outside world doesn't matter, only the good inside these walls are of concern to us. We are asked over and over again to give up personal plans, many times on the spur of the moment and justify it in our minds, that the church needs are more important than ours.
    So, the massage therapist may have seen little activity while there, but she never stuck around for the whole process. The recruiting doesn't really happen until you commit to some beginning classes or healing sessions where you then are nudged into taking more and more classes, a retreat, sometimes if they saw something in you, they would invite you for free on the retreats. That often led to R. Bill, Angela or Debi to take you aside and blow your mind with information you never heard about before. That is the catch, and the catch is your caught like a TUNA!

  6. Hi Joy. It is me RosebudMaid. was owndering why you have not wrtien and mic hassnt either for awhole. Yo ok. It is so late for me should be in bed. i saw Pushers and wow so wonderfull for hollywoood to validate psychic abilities. Just like Rev. Angela and Rev. Bill said more and more we will see psychic people running the plannet once peoples awarness is raised. you could be one of them Joy, you were so high over there and could save thousands. I heard it from Rev. Bill himself say that once and I believed it. I wish it could be me but he never said anything what I coud do but then i read it on my reading scream he wanted me to shed love and lite to the world. Sorry it seems I am aainst you. I'm not really I just know the truth and see you have fallen. love and kisses and ligt to you.

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    I am doing well. Thanks for asking.

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  9. anonymous has some good comments, the phony promises used to enrich themselves and create victims